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  • How do I book a trip?
    Call Prime Time Travel for Long Island (631)286-7329 and for New Jersey 888-444-0515. Provide the date of the trip and your home phone number. You can pay by credit card or mail a check within 5 days of booking date.
  • What are the pick-up locations?
    Our Long Island pick-up locations are LIE Exit 63 Park & Ride (North Ocean Ave), LIE Exit 53 Park & Ride (Wicks Road), Exit 49 Park & Ride in Melville, LIE Exit 36 North (Christopher Morley Park). Our New Jersey pick-up locations are Garden State Pkwy at Monmouth Service Area, Brick/Lakewood at Home Depot/McDonald’s on Rte. 70, Tom’s River at OTB on Rte. 37 and Whiting at Crestwood Marketplace on Rte. 530. We reserve the right to adjust pick-up times and locations without notice.
  • What time is my pickup?
    Pick-up times are not available until about two weeks before the trip. You will be notified in a letter about the time and place you will be picked up. If you need to change the pickup location, call us immediately and we will be happy to make the change
  • How is my seat assigned?
    Seating on the bus is assigned based on booking date. For an additional $5 per person per day, you choose any seat on the bus. You will be first on and off the bus at any of our stops.
  • Do you mail a receipt for payments?
    No, unless you request a receipt we do not automatically send one.
  • When are final payments due?
    Day trips must be paid in full at time of booking or within 5 days if sending in a check. Multi-day trips require a $250 deposit at time of booking and must be paid in full 65 days prior to the trip. All insurance payments must be included with your deposit.
  • What about travel insurance?
    The cost of insurance is based on the cost of the trip. When you make your reservation, we can provide you the cost. Insurance is for medical cancellations only (or accident, death in family, etc.) and a physician’s form must be completed and verified by Travel Insured before the claim is paid. You must be medically able to travel at time of booking and will be verified by a physician, otherwise it could be considered a pre-existing condition.
  • What is Prime Time’s Policy for cancellations?
    You can easily access our policy online at, click on Prime Time policy tab or if you don’t have access to a computer we can mail a copy to you.
  • What if I am traveling with friends or a group?
    Be sure to let us know when you book your trip so we can seat you together whenever possible
  • Can I bring food on the bus?
    Yes, you can bring snacks and drinks on the bus.
  • What if it rains?
    All of our trips go rain or shine. If possible, a small umbrella or jacket is advisable.
  • What if it snows?
    The bus company makes the determination if it is unsafe to travel and we will notify you as soon as possible. Normally 24 hours prior to the trip.
  • Is there a luggage limit?
    There is no limit to the luggage size under the bus. However any carry-on must be able to fit into a space 30” X 10” x 17”.
  • On multi-day trips, when will we find out the name of our hotels?
    We will be able to provide this information several weeks prior to the trip, including the address and phone number. (We use hotels chains: Hampton Inn, Best Western, Marriott, etc.)
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