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Highlights of Spain and Portugal

9-Days from Barcelona to Lisbon from $2,499.00.00 (per person)

Like the blue Azulejo-tiled walls on Portugal’s beautiful buildings, homes,

and churches, we’ve pieced together the best experiences of two sun- washed countries for those looking for an enlightening getaway. On this 9-day tour of Spain and Portugal, you’ll spend two nights each in four legendary cities spanning from the sparkling blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea to the golden coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Barcelona’s distinctive architecture, Madrid’s artistic energy, Seville’s medieval past, and Lisbon’s tiled and cobbled charm await your arrival and exploration. With immersive sightseeing, you’ll dive into the history, culture, and cuisine of each city during the must-see, must-taste, and must-hear experiences, from Portugal’s sweet red port and mournful fado music to Spain’s dry Rioja wine and lively flamenco performances.

Highlights of Spain and Portugal

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