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The Rythm of Reflection: The Southern U.S. by Design

9-Day Tour from New Orleans to Nashville from $2,649.00 (per person)

On this 9-day tour through The South, spend your days your way. More turn-of-the-century architecture or another sweet tea? March in the footsteps of Civil Rights heroes or boogie through rhythm and blues? Harper Lee mysteries or Helen Keller histories? With complimentary YourChoice excursions, y’all are in for a toe-tapping, lip-smacking, history-packing ride back in time from New Orleans to Nashville.


Why This Tour Has all the Fixin’s:


• An immersive, cultural exploration through the soul of the Old South, from the Magnolia State to Music City.

• A trip through time with sultry nights, soul-food bites, and historic sites of the legends, leaders, and lesser-known heroes of the South.

• Included YourChoice Excursions in New Orleans, Montgomery, and Florence.

• Beignet, done that!

The Rythm of Reflection: The Southern U.S. by Design

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